www.sabomar.com is a company specialized in the production and sales of medical materials with 10 years of experience. These medical supplies consist of various colors, designs and fabrics. Each material has been created carefully, meticulously and within the framework of health. There are various medical products such as slippers and masks in the online medical market.


About us



www.sabomar.com is a highly respected and secure organization due to its experience. Sabo clogs are also frequently preferred in the medical field. Medical clogs are made with every detail of the foot structure in mind. Orthopedic types of sabo clogs are used by all employees in the healthcare institution, doctors, nurses and staff in hospitals, comfortably, during long working hours.


Sabo clogs are also available in various colors and patterns. In this way, every healthcare worker can find the most suitable medical clogs for him in the way he wants. The most preferred one for sabo clogs is the model with ventilation holes on it, which is usually white. 


It is known that the white color represents health and cleanliness if the product promotion of sabo clogs preferred in white color is required. Sabo clogs, which are very popular, are easily used in health centers. Its orthopedic feature enables the foot to be comfortable and work more comfortably. 



Recently, Sabo clogs has improved itself. It provides comfort not only to healthcare professionals but also to other individuals by improving its color, pattern and model properties. You can use these clogs comfortably in your home and work places.



Among its most important features, the clogs are incredibly comfortable. The reason for this is that it is designed orthopedically in standard human foot dimensions. Therefore, sabo clogs are referred to as a medical product.


For those who do not know and for those who have not yet visited our site, we have briefly applied a product introduction letter. Another remarkable and most necessary medical product is masks. 



The use of masks is now a necessity to protect against the virus that has affected the world. In this sense, www.sabomar.com recommends N95 mask to you in the use of masks. N95 mask have a filter system. Therefore, it protects you from all kinds of bacteria in dusty environments. The filters in the masks clean the dust in the outside air. Thus, by wearing these masks, the air you breathe is clean.



Our company also applies great discounts on wholesale mask sales. At the same time, N95 mask are more protected and comfortable than other surgical mask.



If it is necessary to collect the products we sell, surgical mask, N95 mask, face protective shield products, sabo clogs and medical clogs of various brands such as Orion and Berkemann are within our company. In addition, you can find all kinds of health products such as gloves and shoe covers from here. To do this, all you have to do is visit our online sales store www.sabomar.com.



Sabomar Mission 



The mission of www.sabomar.com is to fulfill the sales of medical products online with various brands and to complete the deficiencies of healthcare professionals and all other individuals in all the necessary materials in the field of health.



When completing these products, what you pay attention to is the existence of quality, brand, orthopedics, health, economical, comfort, convenience and diversity in every feature.



Our attention to these features continues to carry us to higher levels in the field of medical products. Our orders and customers are increasing day by day and we are proud and happy to receive your satisfaction.



Sabomar Vision



Our company www.sabomar.com aims to be the only one in medical product sales in the future. The fact that each of our health products are in a separate quality shows us that we are taking the right steps in achieving this preliminary goal.



In addition, positive feedback and product satisfaction from you will carry us to where we want to be in the future. Our commercial image that we have displayed in online commerce has been perceived correctly and we have expressed ourselves correctly.



Medizer Mask



Our brand "Medizer", which is one of the sub-brands of our company PrizmaNet Medical, includes many health products as well as the production and sales of medical mask and N95 Mask, FFP2 mask. High quality "Full Ultrasonic Single Machine Technology" is used in mask production. Our mask packaging designs are designed to protect masks in the most sterile way.



We have presented our masks, which we put on the market with the Medizer brand, not only for the medical world, but also for end users with pleasure. Our masks, which we have produced with Meltblown fabric since the beginning of the pandemic time, are features that will protect you from 98.6% viruses. We aimed to make you feel happy while wearing our masks, which have Type IIR standards, which are given only to the health sector, by coloring them with many different patterns.



Our mask types are produced from two different types of fabrics, Spunbond and Meltblown. In our masks, plain monochromatic colors and all our own designs, the whole printing process consists of printed masks made by us. Spunbond fabric and Meltblown fabric options are available in our monochrome masks. All of our patterned masks are made of 95 g Meltblown fabric.





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