ANT FFP2 N95 Maske - Ventilli - 10 Adet
ANT FFP2 N95 Maske - Ventilli - 10 Adet
ANT FFP2 N95 Maske - Ventilli - 10 Adet
ANT FFP2 N95 Maske - Ventilli - 10 Adet
ANT FFP2 N95 Maske - Ventilli - 10 Adet

ANT FFP2 N95 Mask - Valve - 10 pcs (ant-n95-ffp2-10)

Brand : ANT
Price : $5.81


ANT FFP2 N95 Mask


The ANT FFP2 N95 Mask is extremely easy to use; The face mask, which is worn comfortably, does not disturb your skin at the same time. ANT FFP2 N95 Mask provides you a comfortable breathing in daily use. ANT FFP2 N95 Mask does not disturb or sweat the user. N95 mouth mask with ultrasonic stitching and an anti-allergic structure is air permeable. N95 Mouth masks are rubber laced and have a practical use. Latex material is not used in the production of N95 mouth mask.

ANT FFP2 N95 Mask Package Contents:

ANT FFP2 N95 Mask Package Contains 10 Mouth Masks.

ANTr FFP2 N95 Mask Features:

There are 10 ANT FFP2 N95 Masks in 1 Package.
ANT FFP2 N95 Mask Does Not Irritate Your Skin, Does Not Sweat and Offers Practical Use.
The product is air permeable.
ANT FFP2 N95 Mask Has Rubber Tie And Is Easy To Use.
The difference between FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 is the material quality. FFP3 It is produced from higher quality material.

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