Beta Force Sulu Ortam İş Sandaleti - Beyaz
Beta Force Sulu Ortam İş Sandaleti - Beyaz

Beta Force Aquatic Business Sandals - White (btf-100-byz)

Brand : Beta Force
Price : $56.66(Vat included)


Beta Force Aquatic Business Sandals


Beta Force, the pinnacle of Steel Toe Work Shoes, was produced for people who are comfortable with its robust, stylish and flexible structure with its Beta Force Watery Environment Composite Toe Work Shoes model, and brought more than one feature. There are two toe features in the shoe; The first Steel toe is the front part of the Work Shoes, in other words the toe of the Composite Toe Work Shoes. It has a steel structure and has a heavy structure. With this structure, the risk of danger for workers is reduced. Secondly, the front part of the Composite Toe Work Shoes provides up to 200 joules of protection. Shock Absorbing (Anti-Static) is a Steel Toe Work Shoes, which consists of a material that prevents the accumulation of anti-static electricity against static electricity, as we have stated in parentheses. Resistant to chemicals is an important element, especially for those working in a Textile Dyehouse. Since shoes contain polyester, they are not affected by changes in heat or cold. Thermoplastic Elestamer Material also has temperature resistance and machinability properties.
Unlike other polyurethane soles, the shelf life has been extended from 2 to 8 years by using a polymer sole. All products are produced on an assortment basis. A unique product in Turkey! Anti-Static, Chemical-resistant, Non-slip sole, steel toe
It is our recommendation for frequent use. You can also use it in accumulators, Car Wash, Textile Paint Shop and other places.



Composite Nose
Non-Slip Base
Shock Absorber (Anti-Static)
Steel Nose
Chemical Resistant
Thermoplastic Elastomer Material
Polymer Base


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