Beta Force Günlük Kullanım İş Çizmesi - Beyaz
Beta Force Günlük Kullanım İş Çizmesi - Beyaz
Beta Force Günlük Kullanım İş Çizmesi - Beyaz
Beta Force Günlük Kullanım İş Çizmesi - Beyaz

Beta Force Daily Use Work Boots - White (btf-200-byz)

Brand : Beta Force
Price : $56.66(Vat included)


Beta Force Daily Use Work Boots


You can use it in your daily housework or workplaces with the Beta Force Daily Use Work Boot model, the brand that is the peak of Work Boots. The fuspet feature, which is only in shoes, is now available in boots. Fuspet insoles can be prepared from latex, eva or another material in accordance with the general structure of the feet. Fuspets are the comfort of shoes and feet. In addition to comfort, ergonomics and durability, the insoles of the shoes provide advantages such as antibacterial and lightness. The BetaForce brand's Business Boots model is used as the best PVC boot in Turkey. Business Boots do not fade in all colors. Our work boots also have a non-slip sole. You can walk comfortably on slippery surfaces. Work boots are also washable. Work boots are also fixed to a water-resistant structure. Work boots are used as the most resistant PVC product to oil and chemicals. Companies such as Ak Piliç, Bey Piliç, Er Piliç, Tekfen Holding  use our products. .


Orthopedic Polyurethane Insole
Soft and Durable Raw Material
There is fuspet
Does Not Fade
Non-Slip Base
Oil and Chemical Resistant


Product Type
Work Boots
Product Color
Age Group
Base Type
Polyurethane Sole
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