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You can find out from our content what to look for when choosing the best type and brand of masks.

In 2019, the use of masks became mandatory due to the corona virus that affected the whole world. It is vital to use surgical masks, especially in open and public areas, in order to prevent the spread of the mask. The fact that the corona virus is a deadly virus has brought more attention. Since the mask plays a major role in preventing the spread of the disease, the mask you use must have certain characteristics.

Before buying a mask, you should make our choice carefully under health conditions. Before making a good choice, you should find out what type of mask to use, who sells quality and masks that will protect you. Today, there are multiple types of masks in production and use. These are the ones that are going to ;


  • Surgical Mask
  • Vented Breathing Mask
  • Ventil-Free Breathing Mask (N95)


The most important feature of quality mask varieties should be filtered, that is, it does not pass any viruses and particles. Masks that pass particles and viruses do not protect you against disease. Therefore, you can choose disposable masks for your daily work. More protective varieties such as n95 masks should be preferred when you are traveling or staying longer in crowded environments.



What is The Surgical Mask Usage Time?


Surgical mask usage time may vary depending on the type of mask. The lifespan of masks used daily is one-time. So as soon as you put on the mask and start breathing, the life of the mask is exhausted. We usually use these masks by covering the nose and mouth. It prevents the spread of any virus from both the outside and from you through the nose and mouth. It should be changed as often as possible when used outside during the day.

Vented breathing masks have a filter area. The mask has a design that closes while breathing and has a lid that opens when exhaling. It should be used especially in hot, humid and extremely dusty areas. The mask facilitates breathing and provides protection in these areas. The filtering of the mask prevents the spread of any virus outside. The average usage time is 5 hours.

Masks known as ventil-free respiration, or N95, are approximately 95% effective in preventing the spread of viruses. There is no exact time information about the N95 mask lifespan like other masks. But experts recommend using respirators for no more than one day. In N95 mask types, the maximum usage time is up to 8 hours. You should never use the mask you wear continuously for 8 hours. Because the virus accumulates in both the outer and inner layers of the mask. Reuse invites diseases.

FFP2 mask varieties have also been used a lot recently with the pandemic. The ranger rate in this type of mask is known as 98%. It is especially used in areas such as iron and mining operations outside the health sector. The scar in the environment protects people against situations that affect breathing, such as smoke. It also minimizes olfactory. These masks can also be preferred during the day within the scope of corona virus fight and protection.



Things to Consider When Using a Mask


There are some features that should be considered during the use and selection of masks. These features include:


  • Mask fabrics should be surgical and protective. If possible, view mask fabric certificates on the site you received. Masks produced with fabrics that do not have these properties do not have protective properties.
  • Daily surgical masks are usually produced thinly. The world-class surgical mask standard is known as 3 layers. The use of a single-layer mask or a two-layer mask is strictly not recommended.
  • When choosing a child mask, most people usually choose models with washable patterns. Such masks do not provide complete protection. Therefore, you should make sure that children's masks are disposable surgical masks.
  • Be careful not to choose washable masks as long as possible. Washable mask fabrics do not have full filtration and lose their protective properties every time they are washed.
  • Be careful not to use disposable surgical masks more than once.
  • Do not make too much manual contact with the mask on your face.
  • Make sure that the mask is of a structure that completely covers the nose and mouth.
  • The softness of the nasal wire of the masks you use also affects filtering. Therefore, it is important for better filtration to have a medium hardness structure that completely wraps the face.
  • Since the use of masks is mandatory for long periods of time due to the pandemic we are experiencing, the thickness and length of the ear tire are also of great importance. We recommend using rubber masks that are of ideal length and moderate thickness.



When choosing masks, we recommend that you choose known and reliable brands. There are institutions or individuals in the market that ignore health conditions and produce masks for commercial purposes only. The production of under-stairs masks is increasing day by day. To distinguish these manufacturers, view the documentation of the masks you have received and check if they have received ministry of health approval from the uts health system. You need to consciously use a mask to protect your health and those around you from the virus and to speed up the end of the pandemic process. We recommend that you pay attention to the use of masks, especially in public areas or in very crowded places, and change masks frequently.

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August 02, 2021
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