ByGuru Alçı Ayakkabısı - Alçı Terliği Beyaz
ByGuru Alçı Ayakkabısı - Alçı Terliği Beyaz
ByGuru Alçı Ayakkabısı - Alçı Terliği Beyaz

ByGuru Plaster Shoes - Plaster Slippers White (BAT-BYZ)

Brand : By Guru
Price : $45.83(Vat included)


Byguru Plaster Slippers | Plaster Shoe


They are slippers made of special materials that allow walking without disturbing the cast foot as a result of fractures and muscle tears, and also prevent the plaster from getting dirty. The ByGuru plaster Shoe, which is a spongy material, is made of eva material. This substance is used as an anti-slip. It is produced in two different sizes. It is produced to provide comfortable movement after surgical operations applied to the foot and toe surgery.

Benefits of Using Byguru Plaster Slippers

In addition to being used with plaster, the ByGuru Plaster Shoe is very useful when thick and wide bandages are applied, without harming foot health. There is no risk of sprain. It is produced from soft material eva. It also has a special coating that provides ventilation. There is extra padding in the heel part that gives an extra heel look. It offers easy use with its adjustable band and buckle.



Medical Properties


It facilitates walking on cast feet.

It prevents the casted foot from slipping while walking and being affected by dirt and dust.

Made of soft and three layers of eva material.

It has adjustable elastic bands and clips or velcro fasteners on the top.

It is produced in two different sizes, small and large.

ByGuru Plaster Shoes should be ordered by determining the appropriate size according to the foot size. If possible, it should be ordered by getting help from an orthopedist or technical staff about which slipper to buy. The product is not washable. Plaster slippers cannot be thrown into the washing machine. In case of contamination, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Plaster slipper is a completely medical product, different from other slippers.


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