Sabo slippers models are extremely comfortable, easy to clean, hygienic and orthopedic, this slipper model has been used by many professional groups. According to the occupations used, these slippers models take names such as doctor slipper, nurse slipper, chef cook slipper. Don't be so confused; cleaner clog - cleaner slipper - cleaner mule are using for the same product.

Personnel responsible for cleaning in hospitals, restaurants, schools and similar places often prefer sabo slippers because of their orthopedic comfort and other features.

The cleaning slippers are typical sabo slippers. These models provide a comfortable foot for long working hours. They prevent the formation of bacteria by preventing perspiration on the soles of the feet. In addition, these slippers which support the heel parts prevent orthopedic problems such as heel spurs.

If you are looking for a slippers or mule that offers quality and orthopedic comfort for cleaners working in places like cafeteria, hospital, school, health center, you can choose the one that is suitable for you by examining the products.

What Are The General Characteristics Of Cleaning Slippers

Depending on the model you choose, the cleaning slippers may have a closed front. Products with a Closed Front are commonly known as Mule or Clog. Cleaner Slippers without Closed Front are generally known as Cleaner Mule - Cleaner Clog Also.

Different models may have different base structures. These include wood, polyurethane material, hard plastic. All of the materials ensure that the slippers are extremely lightweight and hygienic. No matter what the model, many cleaning slippers have Heel Support.

Heel Spine There is an adjustable belt section on the upper parts of different cleaning slippers. Thanks to this belt section, you can adjust the cleaning slippers according to your foot.

Cleaner clog - cleaner mule models with closed front part closed front part while protecting your toes. They also avoid Sweating. This prevents the formation of bacteria.

Before you choose a Cleaner Mule or Cleaner Clog for yourself, you should read the product description carefully. It is recommended to pay attention to the model's foot number before choosing.

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