When will my order be given to cargo?

Your order will be shipped on the same day, depending on stock availability. Shipping time may vary depending on the product, stock, supply and production status. UPS Cargo working hours are based on public holidays.

When will my order be delivered?

Sabomar.com works with "UPS Cargo". Delivery times and conditions may vary during discount and campaign periods and in cases caused by the buyer (absence at the address, absence of an authorized person to receive, the recipient has moved from the address, etc.).

Overseas order

We have shipments to all countries around the world. Shipping time for Overseas Orders varies depending on the region and the cargo company. For international orders, orders of 600 TL or more are considered.

Stock and Shipping

Sabomar.com has a working system that appeals to more than one customer at the same time. The stock status of some products may not be tracked according to the intensity during the day or during the campaign times. There is a waiting period of at least four and at most 15 days for finished products although they appear in stocks. This situation is shared with you and the process is forwarded. Product cancellations paid by credit card are repaid on the same day.

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