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Doctor clogs is a product category for sabo slippers and clogs. This type of clogs as known as doctor mules, doctor slippers too.But in the many of medical suppliers call it sabo clogs. Actually doctor clogs are have typical product features: they are easy to use, hygienic, simple and comfort. Most of the medical suppliers describe it “sabo clogs” today. So, what is the original category and the name of doctor slippers / doctor clogs?

Why Everybody Call Them “Doctor Slippers” Or “Doctor Mules”?

Sabo clogs are extremely confort. This main feature makes them popular in medical industry. That’s why, sabo slippers - sabo clogs as known as doctor clogs and doctor slippers. When you look closely, you can wonder something: there is a no big design differences between a slipper and a clog. If a slipper has a closed front side or nose, you can describe it “sabo clog”. So, let’s answer the other question: why medical employees and other job groups are using them?

Doctor clogs are extremely comfort. From heel to front nose, doctor slippers are producing for comfort and long working hours. Doctor mules have a “heel assist” at the back of slipper. Closed front nose are able to air condition (this main feature makes doctor mules anti - bacterial and anti - sweat) and to prevent little accidents. Many of doctor slippers are producting from polymer material. This material makes them light and anti - bacterial. So what about wood? Wood is a easy to shape material for doctor mules. And many doctor slippers model have it.

Design Patterns For Doctor Slippers

These and more design patterns makes doctor mules popular and common at the medical sector. But if you want to comfort and healthy feets - and you're not a doctor or nurse - you can order them too. Choose brown, patterned or leather products for daily usage.

Doctor mules can also use by ladies. For this type of usage, take a look for patterned external surfaced doctor slippers. Doctor clogs are useful and stylish. Choose your pattern, color, model and feet number, than order it.

Sabomar.com is a website for doctor mules and doctor slippers. You can search our pages, and you can decide to order a doctor clog. We are presenting high - quality and easy to use doctor mules for you with acceptable prices. In our stock, we’re just holding doctor slippers that have high - quality aspects. Go on, order one for you.

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