EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Maske Ventilsiz
EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Maske Ventilsiz
EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Maske Ventilsiz
EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Maske Ventilsiz
EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Maske Ventilsiz

EGE 700 NR D FFP3 N95 Mask Without Valve (ege-700-ffp3-n95)

Brand : EGE Mask
Price : $3.41(Vat included)

Ultrasonic Welding Technology

It is produced in Aegean mask quality with state-of-the-art fully automatic machines.
Nose Clip
It easily takes the shape of the nose.
It does not cause any problems even with multiple uses.
Aesthetically, it is in a hidden compartment.
It does not pose an additional risk in terms of occupational safety because it is in a secret compartment.

Filter Material
It has ultra-thin and light fiber structure.
It has high filtration efficiency.
Provides low inhalation/exhalation resistance.
Does not cause allergies.
Does not contain latex.
It is circular in shape.
It does not lose its elasticity even in multiple use.
It is resistant to breakage and abrasion.
Why should I use ege mask Folding Model Series?

I trust because it is a local production in Aegean mask quality and in compliance with the legislation.
Since it folds horizontally, I can easily carry and store it with me.
Since the headband is very flexible and strong, I can easily put it on and take it off and use it throughout the shift.
The headband does not contain latex and does not cause allergies on my skin.
I breathe very easily, I have no difficulty due to the special and light filter material.
I have no problems with using glasses and headphones.
It does not deform in my very active and challenging work environment.
Due to my job, I have to talk all the time and the mask fits comfortably on my face while talking.
The ergonomics of the product is fine, it does not bother me while I am doing my job.
The products are presented in multi-packages and do not cause unnecessary waste of time and environmental pollution.
Because it is economical, it is friendly to businesses with high consumption like us.
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Textile Production
Food Production
Glass Industry
Furniture Processing
Paper and Packaging
Metal Casting
Machine Production
iron and Steel
General Cleaning Plastic and Composite

Mask Type
FFP3 N95 Mask
Product Type
Product Color
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