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Our masks, which are currently produced in full outamatic machines in an area of 2000 square  meters, are  sent to you with care and under the necessary hygiene conditions 

An expert team is working in our facility, which has a daily capacity of 500 000.


We prepare products that comply with world standards and closely follow the developing technology in this regard.Our mask types are produced from two different types of fabric: Spunbond and  Meltblown.





All our printed masks are made of 95 g Meltblown fabric . We take firm steps forward in the medical products sector without sacrificing quality and hygiene and try to offer you the best quality products. 


 Each product is manufactured using Turkish materials with the greatest care and with the application of all safety standards.Medizer mask has not only obtained the necessary certificates, but is already the largest manufacturer of surgical masks in Turkey.Medizer is the largest supplier of Medical masks in Turkey.






Are you looking for effective respiratory protection against dangerous viruses?





  • You’ve come to the right place!
  • We offer masks with CE certificates,made of the best quality materials, at an attractive price for everyone!
  •  We are the best manufacturer of disposable  medical masks.
  • We work 24 hours 7 days a week in order to meet the needs of our customers and to be able to provide them with the product so desirable.
  • Our masks have CE mark, which guarantees high quality and confirmation of compliance with EU standards.



 What are the types of facemasks available  in Turkey?


Type IIR Face masks 



The type IIR Masks are worn by healthcare practitioners during surgery to catch the microorganism shed in fluid droplets and particulares from the user’s mouth and nose.



Fluid resistant type IIR facemasks should be used in healthcare facilities when :

Where there is a possibility  of droplets spreading within 2 meters of a coughing person. These face masks are worn during a caregiving period, till the worker takes a break from their responsibilities. 



Cloth Face Masks



The majority of reusable masks are constructed of woven fabric that vary from cotton to polyester.As  one and two ply masks don’t provide the comparable amount of filtration, the fabric masks should have at least three plies for maximum effectiveness.


 An inner layer that catches pathogenic microbes is critical to their filtreting abilities.
The material has a lot to do with filtration capacities;the tighter the weave, the greater the filtration.Despite the fact that a tighter weave makes breathing more difficult, cotton is the chosen material since it delivers roughly 70 % impact even without the inner filtering layer.The next best thing to three  ply woven masks are cotton masks with carbon filters.

The need of face masks in grocery shops, restaurants and other public areas is perhaps one of the most  dramatic  lifestyle changes resulting from the covid19 pandemic.Masks are designed to keep droplets and particles from entering your lungs. 


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