Face Protective Visor
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It prevents particles, saliva, droplets, dust and similar small objects from coming to your face (eye, mouth, nose) and going to the opposite side.
Transparent visor suitable for health products directive; It is made of unbreakable, flexible PET (polyethylene) material.
Conversation is for personal use during the transaction (examination, reception, sales, meeting, etc.).
It is lightweight, easy to use, easy to remove and install.
Since flexible material is used, it fits every adult head.
It does not block your field of vision, its field of vision is wide.
It does not cause image loss due to its high light transmittance.
The product is shipped disinfected and can be reused after being disinfected.
Face protection visor; It consists of transparent visor, flexible band and forehead sponge.
Face protection visor is one of the most effective personal protection products used all over the world, especially to protect against virus outbreaks.
Suitable for use with prescription glasses.
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