Gezer Siyah Sabo Terlik 4 Nokta Destekli
Gezer Siyah Sabo Terlik 4 Nokta Destekli
Gezer Siyah Sabo Terlik 4 Nokta Destekli
Gezer Siyah Sabo Terlik 4 Nokta Destekli
Gezer Siyah Sabo Terlik 4 Nokta Destekli

Gezer Black Sabo Clog 4 Points (GZ-M1-SYH-BY)

Brand : Gezer
Price : $36.66(Vat included)




Sabo Slippers come with Gezer's Signature! Gezer, which produces the most comfortable and orthopedic slippers in Turkey, comes to give you happiness every step of the way with Sabo Slippers. Sabo Slippers, which are signed by Gezer, support your heels from four points to make your soles comfortable, while making your soles comfortable with its cheap price. Cheap, convenient, comfortable and hygienic; Here's The Wandering Sabo Slipper!


Gezer Sabo Slipper, which has a non-slip base, not only relaxes your feet thanks to the small holes in the top, but also breathes. Gezer Sabo Slippers, which are produced in navy blue and white color from artificial leather, also stand out with their cheap price. If you are looking for an anatomical and inexpensive slipper that suits the structure of your foot, you can choose Gezer Brand Sabo Slippers. 



Gezer Sabo Slippers, which appeared with the slogan "Happiness at every step", have the characteristics to fulfill this promise. Gezer Sabo Slippers, which is one of the most affordable and healthy slippers you can find on the market with its cheap price, is both affordable and convenient.





  • Sabo Slippers are branded GEZER, which makes its name with the ease it offers to its consumers. 
  • Gezer Sabo Slipper is very ergonomic. The heel part of the slipper supports your heel from 4 points, making your feet comfortable. 
  • Sabo Slippers are non-slip-based. 
  • There are small holes in the number of slippers (upper part). Thanks to these holes, your foot in the slipper breathes.
  • The sole part of the Sabo slippers is made of high density (density) material. 
  • Sabo Slippers with Gezer Signature are extremely affordable. 
  • It is made of high-quality artificial leather in navy blue and white. 




About Gezer Brand


  • Gezer, which wraps happiness at the feet of its consumers, established its first factory in 1995 on an area of 10,000 square meters. Gezer, which continues to produce shoes, slippers and wallets consisting of artificial leather and artificial leather, is a Turkish company that exports to 60 countries. 
  • Gezer, which produces slippers that prioritize consumer satisfaction and make the feet of the users comfortable, is growing day by day. 
  • About Sabo Slippers
  • Sabo, which has the title of being the most useful slipper of Gezer Company, is frequently preferred especially by medical personnel. Sabo Slipper, which is often preferred for its functional design, cheap price, comfort and quality, is also extremely orthopedic and hygienic.


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