Hogu's Mavi Bayan Parmak Arası Terlik
Hogu's Mavi Bayan Parmak Arası Terlik
Hogu's Mavi Bayan Parmak Arası Terlik
Hogu's Mavi Bayan Parmak Arası Terlik
Hogu's Mavi Bayan Parmak Arası Terlik

Hogu's Blue Women's Flip Flops (HGS-M-P)

Brand : Hogus
Price : $20.00(Vat included)


Hogu's Blue Women's Flip Flops


With the opening of the summer season, the race for elegance has gained momentum. Elegance is an extremely important issue not only in textile products, but also in shoes and slippers. For this reason, hogu's flip-flops are designed in the best way for you.

Flip-flops are the number one priority of both women and men. The number of people who prefer flip-flops, whether for beach wear or for daily wear, is increasing day by day.

Since flip-flops are among the most important parts of summer elegance, the number of suitors is increasing day by day. In particular, the demand for quality products is increasing more and more each season. For users, both the appearance and comfort of the slippers are of great importance. For this reason, hogu's women's flip-flops are one of the most preferred brands.

Ergonomic structure is of great importance in flip-flops, especially in daily used types. Users also attach great importance to the comfort of their feet. When the ergonomic structure is combined with the quality material, quality flip-flops emerge.

Hogu's Women's Flip Flops Features

These types of slippers are of great importance in terms of comfort of the foot. Hogu's women's flip flops, which are the most important choice of women who like to walk and stand up all the time, have the feature of being a product that is highly appreciated by the users thanks to its ergonomic structure.

Hogu's women's flip-flops stand out with their artificial leather structure. Artificial leather products, which are very healthy, are very hygienic with their dirt-repellent and protect foot health.


The Importance of Elegance


The opening of the summer season has made flip-flops popular again. It is possible to have a very stylish look with flip-flops. You have the opportunity to add elegance to your elegance with simple combinations you can make.

Hogu's flip-flops have the feature that can be an extremely important key to elegance. These slippers, which add comfort to the comfort of the feet thanks to their ergonomic structure, will again be one of the most preferred products of the summer season.


Skin Type
Faux Leather
Product Type
Product Color
Age Group
Faux Leather
Primer Material
Faux Leather
Insole Material
Faux Leather
Upper Material
Faux Leather
Base Type
Cork Sole
Type of Binding
Band Detailed With Buckle
Heel Type
Flat Heels
Heel Height
Without Heels
Nose Type
Open Nose
Spring - Summer
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