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Child Mask

With the child mask, you can protect the health of your children during the pandemic period due to corona virus. With the corona virus that has entered our lives since the end of 2019, it has become an important issue to protect ourselves and those close to us from diseases. It has become difficult for every individual to wear a mask to protect public health and prevent a worldwide health catastrophe. The use of masks prevents the virus from catching or infecting anyone else. Of course, this is true when we use the mask correctly. It is in the risk group in the virus outbreak in children such as adults. However, children who get over the virus more quickly than adults still use masks in public and open areas, preventing the spread of the virus. As we gradually move to normalization, most public spaces are starting to serve. In particular, the opening of schools raises the issue that the vast majority of children should be trained in masks. You should teach your children to use surgical children's masks correctly. Do not forget to put a spare mask in the children's bag. The duration of use of the child mask is on average around 5 hours. If children come into contact with too many masks, frequent replacement will also prevent the spread and transmission of the virus.

Surgical Children's Mask


Surgical children's mask is a variety known as white mask. Suitable for everyday use, these masks are made in a solid color, suitable for children's face size. Especially in order not to irritate the ear part, the type of rope or tire used must be of high quality. The fact that the rope or tyre size is not correct will also create a feeling of discomfort. These situations prevent the use of masks by children. When choosing a children's mask, it is necessary to pay attention to issues such as quality, type of fabric, how many layers the mask is, manufacturer, size, rope or tire quality. Since children will wear the masks taken with attention to these criteria more easily and comfortably, no discomfort will arise. The most important point in choosing a mask for children is the issue of 3-layer masks. In other words, Pediatric Surgery masks, known as small-size surgical masks, are only the sizely altered form of normal surgical masks. 3-layer masks are important for both filtration and protection. 3-layer masks seriously prevent the virus from getting out and reaching the respiratory tract. Ultrasonic children's mask types are produced from fabric and polyester. It is produced in a different and more protective way than the classic dust mask structure.

Surgical Children's Mask Features


•It is produced untouched with Full Ultrasonic sewing technology.

•Surgical Children's Mask has 3 Layer Meltblown fabric.

• It has a medium hardness nasal wire that keeps the grip at the highest level.

•It is produced in international standards with a fabric weight of 85 g.

•Elastic PP has quality ear thread that can stretch 1/3.

•Special design box with double cover

•Mask dimensions : 14.5 x 8.5 cm

•Box dimensions : 16.9 x 12 cm

N95 Children's Mask


N95 types of children's masks should be used when entering areas such as airports, hospitals, long journeys and crowded activities instead of daily use. N95 masks are less comfortable by nature than surgical masks. This can cause children to be disturbed. Experts recommend the use of surgical children's masks in daily life. But in other areas you can use the N95 children's mask. The protection rate of N95 masks is slightly higher than in surgical masks. Therefore, it is preferred.

Patterned Child Mask


The first patterned child mask that comes to mind in children's mask models should be produced in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health. Otherwise, it can cause respiratory diseases in children. The paints and prints used may contain carcinogenic products. Therefore, you should not buy patterned masks everywhere. As Sabomar, we use carcinogenic material approved by the Ministry of Health in the types of patterned children's masks we produce.

To make it easier for your children to get used to the mask, you can buy and use a variety of patterned surgical children's masks printed on their favorite cartoon characters or patterns. Patterned children's masks allow children to adapt to the mask more easily and have a more fun time, while also protecting them from the virus.

Colored Children's Mask


Colored children's masks are often produced to attract girls and boys and make it easier for them to use masks. Girls usually like shades of red and pink, while boys like shades of blue and yellow. Color products used in color masks are approved by the Ministry of Health and do not pose any health risks. When buying a color mask, we recommend that it be disposable and that the products used in its contents are clean. Our sabomar colored children's masks are approved by the Ministry of Health and are manufactured for the purpose of protecting your children from the virus, not to pose any health risks.When buying a colorful and patterned children's mask, make sure it is disposable. Washable colored and patterned children's masks do not protect against the virus. It also leads to different respiratory diseases. The fabric of washable masks loses its protection after a while. Therefore, it will cause the spread of the virus. You can review the types of masks on our site to make it easier for your children to use masks and to protect them.

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