Kifidis Mantar Tabanlı Erkek Sabo Terlik
Kifidis Mantar Tabanlı Erkek Sabo Terlik
Kifidis Mantar Tabanlı Erkek Sabo Terlik

Kifidis Cork Sole Men's Sabo Slippers (5556-erkek-tr)

Brand : Kifidis
Price : $43.99(Vat included)


Your foot health is no joke. Here comes the Kifidis Cork Sole Sabo Slippers, which will support your feet from four points with its orthopedic sole and allow you to stand for long hours!

Kifidis Cork sole Sabo slippers are models with closed fronts. Thanks to these robust, useful and comfortable slipper models, which also protect your toes thanks to this design, your feet will be comfortable no matter how long you stand. You can be a nurse, doctor or cafeteria worker whose work is in a rush. Kifidis Cork-based slippers are very suitable slipper models for this and other occupational groups.

- Kifidis 5 Point anatomical soft sole system; It relieves back and foot pains by providing anatomical support from 5 important points.
- Base in contact with the ground; It not only prevents the contact of the foot with the ground, but also offers the comfort of the sneakers and clings to the slippery ground, preventing slipping.
- The inner lining is durable fabric, and the outer surface paint is affected by water, sun and external factors and does not flow or spill.
-  The product change is valid for all products available in our stocks.
- Our products are guaranteed, and in case of problems caused by PRODUCTION, the defective material of the slipper is renewed and sent back in a new way.


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