Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet
Medizer Meltblown Dolar Desenli Cerrahi Maske 50 Adet

Medizer Meltblown Dollar Patterned Surgical Mask 50 Pieces (MDZ-DMB118-50)

Brand : Medizer
Price : $15.37(Vat included)

Medizer Meltblown Dollar Pattern Surgical Mask 50pcs


The Medizer 3-Ply Surgical Mask is made of Meltblown fabric. Meltblown is polymer-based technology in which high-speed air weakens extruded fibers much thinner than spunbond. All fabrics used in Medizer masks are approved by the ministry of health, have fabric certificates of European standards. Production is carried out with full ultrasonic technology. During production, the non-woven fabric for the full ultrasonic mask is subjected to the joining process with the help of ultrasonic sound wave and pressure, and a one-piece fabric is obtained. In addition, it is also combined with the help of ultrasonic sound waves and pressure october wires and tires. The Medizer 3-Layer Full Ultrasonic Surgical Mask has a structure that fits perfectly to the nose, while the hardness of the nasal wires is also moderate. 3-Ply Surgical Mask ear tires are of certain lengths and certain thickness in accordance with surgical mask standards and have a more durable and non-ear-hurting structure than the tires of standard medical masks on the market.


Surgical Mask Product Features



  • There are 50 masks in 1 Box of 50s.
  • It is registered with the Ministry of Health Approved Uts.
  • Fabric Weight of 95 Grams
  • Meltblown Certified domestic fabric
  • Suitable for use by medical personnel in TYPE 2R Standards.
  • Elastic PP 1/3 stretchable Good quality ear rope Double-Layer wide Nose Wire that keeps grip at the highest level
  • 17.5 x 9.5Cm universal size
  • Special design box with double lid (Japanese Lid)



Surgical Mask Certificates


* ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate
* EN 149 FFP2 Production Certificate
* ISO 22716:2008:GMP
* ISO 45001:2018
* EN 14683 & TSE


About the Surgical Mask

As a word definition, a Surgical Mask or a Medical Mask is simply defined as a face mask. It is intended to be used to prevent bacteria and viruses transmitted by aerosol liquid droplets in the mouth and nose of employees of the medical field or those who carry infectious diseases.


Types of Surgical Masks

Types of surgical (medical) Masks are divided into 3 separate groups according to their intended use. These;


* Surgical mask
• Ventilating Breathing Mask
• Non-ventilated N95 Mask or FFP2 Mask (FFP2,FFP3,KF94, etc. )


Models of Surgical Masks

There are many types of our patterned Surgical mask models. The dec of them are specially designed for men and women and are among the most preferred series. In addition, he has received a lot of attention in the Molds, Teenagers, Color Series. The surgical mask has all of its features and consists of designing only the spunbond fabric in its upper layer with digital printing. It does not adversely affect breathing in any way. He has successfully passed all the necessary health tests. To review the Medizer Special Mask Series, go to the Mask category.


Click here to view our printed mask and corporate mask types




Wholesale Medizer Surgical Mask

Although Medizer Surgical masks are sold in retail in Virtual Sunday places, they are also sold wholesale to a large extent. Medizer Surgical Masks are preferred by corporate companies as Wholesale Logo Printed Surgical Masks for advertising purposes or to meet the daily mask needs of their employees. You can review our Wholesale Mask Category to get a Medizer Wholesale Mask.



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