Medizer Slean Siyah Tek Kullanımlık Eldiven S Beden 100 Adet
Medizer Slean Siyah Tek Kullanımlık Eldiven S Beden 100 Adet
Medizer Slean Siyah Tek Kullanımlık Eldiven S Beden 100 Adet
Medizer Slean Siyah Tek Kullanımlık Eldiven S Beden 100 Adet

Medizer Slean Black Disposable Gloves S Size 100pcs (SLNSS100)

Brand : Medizer
Price : $11.66(Vat included)

Medicated Slean Gloves


It is now easier to create safe environments with Slean gloves. During the pandemic period, protection in public environments became mandatory with the constant change of the virus variant. Comfortable wearing with Slean gloves with soft texture allows you to properly protect yourself for everyday wear. In addition, restaurants use de slean gloves when hygienically removing delicious food from their kitchens. Our hairdressers use slean gloves again when creating great styles. With this product quality, which caters to cleaners, painters, personal care professionals and more, you will be able to be comfortable in our daily life and business life.



Please note that this product sold should not be confused with latex gloves sold in the markets. Compared to Latex, Vinyl and Nitrile gloves, whose prices have risen a lot during the epidemic period, the product material has been changed and made more economical and accessible. It can be called nylon gloves with increased elasticity.



Note : The Product Is Shipped With Tester Package.



Product Specifications


◉The new generation of thermoplastic gloves is made of 60% tpe (thermo plast elastomer) 40% polyethylene materials.

◉There are 100 pieces of gloves in one box.

◉The product does not contain Vinyl or Latex.

◉Available as powder-free gloves.

◉It is not an operating glove.

◉It is Disposable

◉Compatible for both hands.

◉It is also available for use for allergic bodies.

◉Due to its soft structure and elasticity, it fits perfectly in the hand, it is worn comfortably.

◉It is convenient to use for kitchen work and hair dye work.


◉It is recommended to store it in a cool and dry place.




Box Contents



◉100PCS Slean TPE Disposable Gloves



Industries Where Disposable Gloves Are Used



It can also be used as Health gloves, Food Gloves, Manufacturing Gloves, Butcher Gloves, Restaurant Gloves, Office Gloves, Hotel Staff, Cleaning companies, Household chores, Nuts Sales staff, Hairdresser Gloves, Personal Care Gloves.


To buy this product wholesale, go to the “Wholesale Gloves” category.




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