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Medizer Ultrasonic Meltblown Mask is extremely easy to use; The comfortably worn face mask also definitely does not bother your skin. Medizer Ultrasonic Meltblown Face Mask provides you comfortable breathing during daily use. Ultrasonic Meltblown Mask is a structurally different product from dust mask, it is made of fabric and polyester and is also known as Ultrasonic Meltblown Surgical Mask. Medizer Meltblown Mask does not disturb the user or make them sweat. Ultrasonic Meltblown Face Mask, which has an ultrasonic stitched, antiallergic structure, is air permeable. Medizer Meltblown Mask are produced using meltblown fabric. Ultrasonic Surgical Meltblown Mask are rubber laced and have a practical use. Latex material is not used in the production of Full Ultrasonic Meltblown Mouth Mask.

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