Membership Conditions

  • Is it paid to become a member?

It is free to become a member of You can become a member immediately to be able to order, to be informed about discounts, campaigns and promotions, and to benefit from the advantages we offer you. Click now to become a free member
  • Can I shopping without singing up?

You can shop on our site without being a member. However, if you become a member, you can follow your orders, cargo more easily, request online return / change, take advantage of our special offers for money points, birthday checks and other members. You can also access all your transactions retrospectively from your account whenever you want.
  • How can I update my member information?

You can update your information in the My Information section from the My Member Panel menu.
  • Member I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can have your password sent to your e-mail by clicking the Forgot Password link in the member login section.
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