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How can face masks protect us and others?

Droplets and aerosols

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can spread from one person to another via droplets (of saliva) and aerosols that are released into the air whenever people breathe, speak, sing, cough or sneeze.

Humidity and virus validity

Aerosols are especially fine particles in the air that can stay airborne for hours (depending on the relative humidity of the air). As the liquids evaporate, the virus and crystalline salt are left over. They can survive in this state for a while, and ideally (for the virus) a new drop of moisture will soon be available to transport it further.

Oversimplified, this means that the virus survives best at either very high relative humidity (about 80% or more) and very low relative humidity (about 20% or less). However, at a moderate relative humidity of about 50%, the salt proportion of the aerosol increases slowly enough that the higher salt concentration causes the virus to be deactivated in the liquid. This is why moderate humidity is so important for a healthy respiratory system.

Capturing droplets and aerosols

Face masks capture a large amount of these droplets and aerosols as they are being breathed out – this is how masks slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Wholesale Patterned Mask

You can purchase wholesale surgical masks through our website or by contacting us through our communication channels. Patterned mask a type of mask that is used on a daily basis, more commonly known as a white mask. There are black, blue, green, pink and white colour options in our patterned mask production. The type of fabric used in all colour options is of the same quality. Rope or rubber is used for the ear part of the masks.

The product used in the threaded mask is produced in a way that does not hurt the ear and provides full grip. In the elastic mask, quality rubber is used that will not hurt the neck and nape. Our surgical masks are produced as 3-ply masks. Each layer has its own unique structure and function.

0 There is no fabric on the top, the outermost layer, and there is a filter that prevents the formation of condensation. In the middle layer, there is a high density melt blown filter fabric that is melted. In the inner, the last layer, there is soft spun bond fabric. Here, the main task is undertaken by the middle layer. The fabric in the middle layer must be a melt blown fabric type suitable for filtration. Otherwise, it will not protect you from the virus.

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