Prodexy Yeşil Eva Crocs Terlik
Prodexy Yeşil Eva Crocs Terlik
Prodexy Yeşil Eva Crocs Terlik
Prodexy Yeşil Eva Crocs Terlik
Prodexy Yeşil Eva Crocs Terlik

Prodexy Green Eva Crocs Slippers (EVA-HK-B)

Brand : Prodexy
Price : $25.66(Vat included)


Prodexy EVA Crocs Slippers


Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slipper models, which are comfortable in many aspects and especially as "workplace slippers, or nurse slippers", take their name from their special sole structure. Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers models, which are produced entirely from high quality polyurethane material, have a heel band that prevents the slippers from coming off your feet. In addition, like a typical sabo slipper model, Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers models with closed front are waiting for you on our site.

Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers get their name from their sole made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This material is extremely sterile and does not produce bacteria, as well as being heat and cold proof. In addition to these features, Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers made of recyclable material also do not slip easily from your feet thanks to the heel band. In addition, Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers, which are extremely useful thanks to their high quality polyurethane body and closed front part, are also very light. Order now on our website for Prodexy Eva Sole Crocs Slippers, which are known as "canteen slippers" and "workplace slippers" thanks to their features. Slippers with different color combinations are also called "hospital slippers", as in the classic sabo slipper models.

Prodexy EVA Crocs Slippers Features

Prodexy EVA Crocs Slippers It is a Closed Front Slipper Model.
Prodexy EVA Crocs Slipper It Is An Anatomical Based Slipper Model
Prodexy EVA Crocs Slippers The sole of the slipper model is produced from a special material. This material is heat or cold resistant, does not produce bacteria, and can be recycled.
Prodexy EVA Crocs Slippers Doesn't Slip From Your Feet Immediately Thanks To The Heel Tape.
Slippers are similar in structure to the Classic Sabo Slippers.
The Body of the Slippers Models is Made of High Quality Polyurethane Material. This Material Is Quite Lightweight.


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Polyurethane Sole
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