Prodexy Beyaz Delikli Bayan Eko 7 Nokta Sabo Terlik
Prodexy Beyaz Delikli Bayan Eko 7 Nokta Sabo Terlik
Prodexy Beyaz Delikli Bayan Eko 7 Nokta Sabo Terlik
Prodexy Beyaz Delikli Bayan Eko 7 Nokta Sabo Terlik
Prodexy Beyaz Delikli Bayan Eko 7 Nokta Sabo Terlik

Prodexy White Perforated Women's Eco 7 Point Sabo Slippers (PBB)

Brand : Prodexy
Price : $63.33(Vat included)




Prodexy White Perforated Women Sabo Slippers, Inner Layer Genuine Leather, Outer Layer PVC. Prodexy White Perforated Women Sabo Slippers are also referred to as Nurse Slippers. The product consists of two layers. Inner sole is 7-point base fuse.
What is 7 Point Base System?
This innovation is used in our Prodexy - BY Guru Brands . The 7 Point Sole system ensures that your feet are comfortable all day long, as it supports the carrier points on the 7 nervous system on our feet, and accelerates blood circulation to these points, for people who stand up all day in hospitals, cafeterias or in different places. A very soft insole, and It is also very hygienic thanks to its laminated inner layer. If you are complaining about your foot pain and tiredness during the day, we recommend that you use the 7-point sole system.
It consists of a polyurethane sole, thanks to this feature, it gives your feet a rest throughout the day and accelerates blood circulation in your nerve vessels in your feet. Prodexy White Perforated Women's Sabo Slippers are floral and wedge heel models. Prodexy White Perforated Women Sabo Slippers Prevents Odor and Sweating That May Occur on Your Feet Thanks to Its Sweat Absorbent Inner Lining and Sole. Real vegetable layered leather on a special latex layer with carbon filter that eliminates sweat, moisture and odor provides pleasant and hygienic walking comfort. It is designed to combine luxury and comfort that will make you feel good. It reduces the load on the joints and spreads the pressure on the sole of the foot. ByGuru sabo slippers allow you to balance the entire load of the body with the energy you need in an intense pace that lasts all day long. Since Prodexy White Perforated Women Sabo Slippers are made of genuine leather, it is not recommended to wear the products in wet and watery environments, as it causes defermation and cracks in the skin. Never wash your sabo slippers in the washing machine. Prodexy White Perforated Women Sabo Slippers is guaranteed for six months. You can get all the necessary information about Byguru slippers produced with special materials from our expert sales representative.
Product features
Upper Upper: Flat Leather
Upper Upper Layers: Single Layer
Insole: 7 point sole fuslet
Cleaning: Slightly Damp Cloth, Polishing Sponge
Sterilizability: Only with Ethylene Oxide


Product Type
Product Color
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