Sabomar Manner Kış Dalları Temalı Bayan Sabo Terlik
Sabomar Manner Kış Dalları Temalı Bayan Sabo Terlik
Sabomar Manner Kış Dalları Temalı Bayan Sabo Terlik
Sabomar Manner Kış Dalları Temalı Bayan Sabo Terlik
Sabomar Manner Kış Dalları Temalı Bayan Sabo Terlik

Sabomar Manner Winter Branches Themed Women's Sabo Slippers (SM-504)

Brand : Sabomar
Price : $83.33(Vat included)

Sabomar Manner Winter Branches Themed Miss Sabo Slippers


Comfort and long-term durability are a must for sabo slippers. Sabo slippers met in sabomar manner series, adding a beautiful look as a result of the tight and long R&D period.

We have introduced unique designs that will reflect you differently and Uv printing technology that does not harm your health. Models that fit your clothes will energize you throughout the day.

The upper number of your Sabo slippers has been developed as a combination of real split skin and Polyurethane artificial skin that touches your skin. Thanks to the air ducts, it will be a good partner to accompany you during long working hours with its breathing structure that prevents and reduces sweating.


Sabomar Manner brought you the products it produces for hospitals, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and everyone who works all day long. We are sure that you will enjoy the Sabomar Manner series with the most suitable materials and quality workmanship by evaluating the feedback from you for the customer experience.


Sabomar Manner Product Specifications



  • Uv Printing resistant to chemicals and friction
  • Real split leather on the inside
  • Top count 1mm special printed series artificial leather
  • Latex fuspet that reduces the effects of sweating
  • Polyurethane base showing good poerformance on slippery floors. 
  • 6 Month Change guarantee against breakages
  • Coated metal accessory
  • Fully grounded production. 


Sabomar Manner Instructions for Use



  • The moisture absorbed by your Sabo slippers dries and evaporates in 24 hours. Let him rest for a day if possible. (increase your usage time by 80% by buying two products at once.)
  • It can be washed with cold water. In contact with hot water and bleach, pressure may deteriorate.
  • After washing, let it dry at room temperature. High heat and prolonged sun stays can disrupt its structure.
  • It can make a smell in excessive foot sweats.
  • Your slippers will take shape according to your walking habits and foot type. It's not a flaw. 
  • Hard and sharp objects can damage the product. 
  • Sabo Slippers should not be kept in damp environments.





  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Catering Services
  • Wedding Halls
  • Hairdressers
  • Barbershops
  • Beauty Salons


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