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Today, sports shoes with various features and models are produced. Choosing shoes that are suitable for the sport he has done to protect the health of the person and have a fit body will have positive effects on his health. The most important of these effects is the prevention of injuries that may occur in the feet, ankles and soles. It helps you enjoy sports and have a quality day. Sports shoes suitable for every sport are produced. There are sports shoes models with different features and designs for different sports such as running, aerobics, walking, basketball, football, tennis. Lightweight, stylish-looking sports shoes are highly preferred by men and women. The most important point to be considered in the selection of sports shoes is the purpose of the sports shoes. Specially designed sports shoes produced for that purpose should be preferred if it will be used to continue your daily sports. If you are going to buy a shoe, be sure to buy it at evening hours. In this way, you will buy the most suitable shoe for your feet. You should take care that the shoes are orthopedic and suitable for your foot structure. You should take care that all fingers move comfortably in the shoe.
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