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Various features are presented in our different patterned Bandanas, surgical bones, specially produced for our healthcare professionals with colorful worlds, taking into account the usage experiences of our nurses and cooks. Hot and cold environments are designed to minimize sweating. You can take a look at all of our products in our category for the most suitable surgical Bandanas and chef bonnets for yourself. Surgical Bandana, nurse's Bandanas, doctor's cap, chef's Bandanas with special colors and designs that will energize you in your endless challenging missions and tiring work, in intense kitchen environments with unique designs that will reflect you, are now at Sabomar! Choose the most suitable model for yourself among dozens of patterned bonnet models!

  • It is designed to be easily inserted and removed, taking into account your user experience.
  • Elastic and laced on the back.
  • With its non-slip and washable special fabric, you can easily clean it and use it for a long time.
  • Since it has a design that covers the entire hairy area of ​​your head, there is no need to use by-products. It can be used on all kinds of uniforms.
  • It can be easily tied and unfastened with the help of long thin strips on the back.
  • Whether you are a doctor, a nurse or a cook ... You will definitely find the model suitable for you among dozens of bone models.
  • Hospital, restaurant, restaurant, hotel, catering services etc. suitable for use in businesses.




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