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N95 Mask
N95 Mask

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The FFP2 mask / N95 mask is extremely easy to use; The comfortably worn face mask also definitely does not bother your skin.The FFP2 mask / N95 Mask provides you with comfortable breathing in daily use.FFP2 mask / N95 masks do not bother the user or make them sweat.

FFP2 mask / N95 Mask has 5 layers of surface. FFP2 mask / N95 Mask with ultrasonic stitching and antiallergic structure is air permeable. FFP2 Mouth mask / N95 Mouth masks are rubber laced and have a practical use. Latex material is not used in the production of FFP2 mask / N95 mask.


  • FFP2 mask / N95 Mask does not irritate your skin, it does not sweat and offers a practical use.
  • The product has 5 layers of surface And it is Air Permeable.
  • Full Ultrasonic single machine technology.
  • PP Double wing wide wire.
  • N95 Mask, 170 to 220 GR fabric is used.
  • N95 Mask Is Rubber Laced And Easy To Use.
  • N95 Mask Is Manufactured Using Ultrasonic Sewing And Has 5 Layers.
  • Masks can be packaged individually or in multiple transparent packaging according to your request.


If you wish to purchase wholesale N95 mask, you can buy them here . It's produced with state of the art fully automatic machines. It has an ultra thin and light fiber structure. It has high filtration efficiency. Provides low inhalation/ exhalation resistance


FFP2 mask / N95 mask recommendation for use


FFP2 masks / N95 masks or medical Disposable mouthguard Masks are currently mandatory in public transport, when going to authorities or when shopping. For those who have to wear such a mask for a longer period of time, this procedure applies, which can also be transferred to everyday use.


The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends wearing such a mask for only 75 minutes in a row and then taking a 30-minute break. There is a recommendation that such a mask can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours, i.e. also with interruptions. Always allow to dry well in between.


FFP2 masks , which are standardised throughout Europe, filter out at least 95 per cent of particles. Some FFP masks have a valve to facilitate inhalation and exhalation. However, this has drawbacks: through the valve, the mask wearer can contaminate his or her environment with exhaled droplets. This is because the masks with an exhalation valve only filter inhaled air and therefore offer less protection to others.


FFP2 masks / N95 masks make breathing more difficult


When using an FFP2 mask / N95 masks , breathing is more difficult due to the built-in filter. The additional strain on the respiratory muscles is comparable to breathing through a straw and can result in shortness of breath - so you should think carefully about when and for how long you want to wear the mask.


Disposable FFP2 masks / N95 masks are intended to reduce transmissions from the wearer to the patient, hand-to-face contact and facial contact with large droplets. FFP2/N95 facepiece respirators meet filtration requirements of small airborne particles, fit tightly to the wearers face and have been suggested to be more efficacious than surgical masks in reducing exposure to viral infections . They are, therefore, widely used by health care professionals for self-protection, especially during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. However, randomized trials did not find significant differences between FFP2/N95 and surgical masks in preventing influenza infections or respiratory illness


As a preventive measure, we introduce the personalized FFP2 face mask, which were made from not medical materials. No mask offers 100% security against environmental pollution, but we can use it to promote environmental awareness and avert averting.


CAUTION: These face masks do not guarantee the avoidance of infections and they should not consider a medical mask, but they offer the wearer protection against the preparation of the flu, the infection and various diseases.


These face masks FFP2 are designed for single-use. You cannot wash it that's why we advise you to change it every day.

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