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ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |
ByGuru White Woman Doctor Clogs | TS24-tr |

BYGURU Sabo Clog

ByGuru Sabo Clog w/Sun Binding has internal layer made of natural leather and external layer made of PVC. ByGuru Clogs w/Sun Binding are also known as Nurse Clog and Chef Clog. The product is made of double layers. The internal base has fully anatomic base with fusped. It is formed of polyurethane base. With this feature, it lets your feet rest during the day, and accelerates the blood circulation in the nerve veins of your feet. The Dark Blue Sabo Model w/Sun Binding is one of the models of sabo with binding. ByGuru sabo clog prevents the odor and sweating to occur in your feet by means of its antiperspirant interlining and base. It relaxes the pace since ByGuru sabo clog supports the important carrier points of the foot. It offers pleasant and hygienic walking comfort on its special latex layer made of carbon filter that eliminates sweat, moisture and odor. It is designed to enable you to meet the comfort that will make you feel the luxury and feel yourself good. It minimizes the load on the joints and spreads the pressure through the sole. ByGuru sabo clogs ensure the balancing of the full-load of the body and the energy you need during the intensive tempo of the day. ByGuru sabo clog is made of artificial leather, and it is not recommended to wear the products in wet and aqueous environments since they cause deformation and cracks on the leather. Do not wash your sabo clogs in washing machines. ByGuru Sabo Clog has six months warranty. You can obtain all required information on ByGuru clogs made of special materials from our specialized sales representatives.

 - ByGuru Sabo Clog models are among the clog products that are orthopedic and appropriate to foot anatomy. This sabo clog model exhibits an extremely ergonomic appearance by taking the form of your foot as you wear. It has a closed front part that protects your feet.

- The front of your foot and your fingers breath by means of the holes on the closed front part, and the formation of the bacteria and bad odors threatening the feet is not allowed.

- Being specially designed for the staff working on foot for a long time, the sabo clogs have the form that protects the foot and ensures comfort by means of the internal structure, leather sole, heel type designed per the structure of the foot and the closed front part. Thanks to its anti-bacterial structure that does not tire out the foot, but keep the foot hot and dry, it is a clog model that does not cause any foot disorder such as eczema and fungi.

- Sweat glands continuously function since the foot is always on action. Sweat glands can cause bacteria to form and bacteria may form easily on your feet when you do not take care of your feet’ hygiene and ventilate them. Sabo clogs eliminate this.

- Such clogs partially prevents the varicose veins that is a problem that often occurs in the feet, and ensure a healthier walking.

- With its ergonomic structure and superior features, it offers the best opportunity to use for the long-standing occupational groups.

- Sabo clogs are especially preferred in the sectors that do require dynamic working such as hospitals, restaurants, dining halls and hotel staff.

- The staff clogs have extremely long life since they are made of robust and durable materials at quality standards.

ByGuru Sabo Clog Product Features

  • Shoe-upper: Plain Leather
  • Shoe-upper Layers: Single Layer Real
  • Base: Polyurethane
  • Internal base: Full Anatomic base with fusped
  • Fusped: Certified 7-Point base fusped
  • Cleaning: Damp-Dry Cloth, Polisher Sponge
  • Sterilizable: Only Ethylene Oxide

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