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Delivery Information

Delivery Info 

What is the shipping fee?

At, all products are charged with a shipping fee of 7.50 TL (Turkish Liras). Shipping is free for all purchases of 120 TL. You include it on the same day. Shipping costs will be charged once.

When Will My Order Be Given To Cargo?

Your order will be shipped on the days indicated in our stocks. Domestic cargo working hours on official holidays are based.

When Will My Order Be Delivered? works with "Yurtici Kargo". Domestic Cargo Delivers +650 Kilometers to 2 Days, 0-650 Kilometers to 1 Day Cargo followers of all products given to the cargo are given to you within 2 hours by e-mail. Please take proper care of your contact information in this regard. The dimension is reaching a mishap status from membership information.

During the discount and campaign periods and planning from the buyer (absence of the address, adjustment of the authorized members to receive the delivery, dispatch of the buyer from the address, etc.).

If My Product That I Order, Arrived When I wasn't At The Delivery Address?

The cargo company makes your orders according to the address you specify. If you are not in your address, he leaves you a note and specifies the address of the cargo branch you can receive. The products that are not received from the cargo branch within three working days are returned to

Overseas Order

We ship to all countries worldwide. Overseas Orders shipping time varies depending on the region and the cargo company. For overseas orders, minimum orders of 600 TL or more are evaluated.

When Delivery Damaged...

When you receive a damaged or broken product is replaced with a new one. The cargo company's report is taken into consideration in this regard.

Stock And Shipping has a working system that addresses multiple customers at the same time. The stock status of some products may not be tracked according to the intensity during the day or during the campaign times. 

There is a minimum waiting period of at least four and a maximum of 15 days for finished products that appear in stocks. This situation is shared with you and the process is forwarded. Product cancellations made by credit card will be refunded on the same day.