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Operation Room Clogs

Operation Clogs

Operation Room Clogs

Operation Room Clogs

Imagine an operation room of a hospital: everything is urgent and time is gold. Surgeons, nurses, doctors are preparing for an important surgery operation. Do someone to face “heel pain” or “to slip on the surface of surgery room”? We think - no! If you have the same answer as we give, take a look at our operation room clog category. Operation room clogs are the simple sabo clogs, but as the other sabo slipper and clog products, they have many names that describe them easy: operation room clogs, operation room slipper, sabo clog, sabo slipper, doctor mule, doctor clog and more…

Design Aspects Of Operation Room Clogs 

There is probably no surgeon who wants to suffer from heel spurs during an important operation. Operation room slippers make your feet and heel comfort. First of all, these products made by polymer, leather, wood or artificial leather. This makes them light and anti - bacterial. The main material that are using for the operation room clogs and operation slippers may change model by model. 

The other design pattern that are using for operation room clogs is “assisted heel side”. This side prevents “heel spurs” and it makes you much more productive. Operation room slippers have a closed, air conditioned nose side. This nose side is a guard for your toes. 

So, let’s take look at the inside of operation room slippers. Many of operation room clogs have a anti - sweat external surface. This main desing pattern serves two important usage advantage: comfort for feets and anti - sweating. 

Which Medical Employee Class  May Use It? 

Operation room clogs are able to use for surgeons, doctors, nurses. Let us remind: operation room clog is the sub - product category of sabo slippers and sabo slippers as known as nurse clogs, doctor mules, doctor slippers, dentist clog and many more. So, this main fact is the answer for your question. Medical employees are able to use them. But you can use them for daily usage. For daily usage, take look at colorful, patterned products. 

How Can Clean Your Operation Room Clogs? 

Many of operation room slippers produced from polymer. The operation room slippers that produced from polymer is light - weight and easily clean - able. You need just these: wet towel, paper towel. Just little bit water and napkin, and the dirt goes on. Many of surgeons, doctors and nurses use operation room slippers for this main aspect: easy to clean. 

You can take a look at operation room clogs and operation room slippers and can order one of them for you. You may to take a look for wholesale too…