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Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |
Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |
Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |
Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |
Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |
Orion Nursing Clogs | KM-CIS-52 |

Orion Woman Sabo Clog is made of natural leather. Orion sabo clog nurse clog is made of single layer leather. The internal base has anatomic base with fusped. It is formed of light polyurethane base, so lets the foot rest and accelerates the blood circulation. Model is among the heeled models of Orion Sabo. Orion sabo clogs prevent the odor and sweating by means of its antiperspirant interlining and base. It relaxes the pace since Orion sabo clogs support the important carrier points of the foot. Made of natural materials, Orion Sabo clogs protect your foot health, and prevent the formation of callus, nail rupture, fungi, etc. foot disorders through allowing the feet to breathe. Orion Sabo clogs ensure the balancing of the full-load of the body and the energy you need during the intensive tempo of the day Sabo Clogs.


  • Orion sabo clogs are made of natural leather, and it is not recommended to wear the products in wet and aqueous environments since they cause deformation andcracks on the leather.
  • Do not place your wet or humidified clogs on a radiator or heater, only dry off with a dry cloth.
  • You can keep your sabo clogs shine by wiping them with leather feeding products once a week.
  • Do not wash your sabo clogs in washing machines.
  • Orion sabo clogs are special, because this and other models are produced with a fastidious hand labor.
  • Orion nurse clog has six months warranty against base ruptures.
  • You can obtain all required information on Orion Sabo clogs made of special materials from our specialized sales representatives.

Please contact us for color and numbers.

Shoe-upper: Natural Leather

Layers: Single layer natural leather

Base: Polyurethane

Internal base: Anatomic base with fusped



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