Ortopedik Çiçekli Topuk Dikeni Terlik
Ortopedik Çiçekli Topuk Dikeni Terlik
Ortopedik Çiçekli Topuk Dikeni Terlik
Ortopedik Çiçekli Topuk Dikeni Terlik
Ortopedik Çiçekli Topuk Dikeni Terlik

Orthopedic Floral Heel Spur Slippers (YT-04)

Brand : Prodexy
Price : $50.00(Vat included)


Prodexy Orthopedic Heel Spur Slippers
It is produced for Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Spur) patients.
Inner Layer Genuine Leather Outer Layer PVC
Special soft heel silicone area.
7 Point Base Fuspet
It does not sweat and is antibacterial.
It is suitable for female foot anatomy.
It reduces heel pain.
It allows you to walk better.
Polyurethane outsole.
Specially designed outsole with slip resistance.
Brand: Prodexy
Normal and tarsal part is suitable for wide feet.

· Relieves severe heel pain in the heel area.

·  If you have a bad posture, this can trigger your heel spur disease, you can correct your posture disorder and reduce the effects of heel spurs thanks to our orthopedic slipper products and support areas.

·The use of unsuitable and flat ordinary slippers triggers this disease and increases its severity. With Prodexy heel spur slipper models, you can reduce the effects of heel spur disease and have better quality walking.

Feet with wide tarsal parts generally have trouble finding suitable slippers, and they encounter foot health problems after using inappropriate slippers. You can order this model product with positive user comments, or you can examine our model women women heelspike epin slippers for heel spur patients with swollen and edematous feet.

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