Pinoso's Erkek Bağcıklı Siyah Ayakkabı
Pinoso's Erkek Bağcıklı Siyah Ayakkabı
Pinoso's Erkek Bağcıklı Siyah Ayakkabı
Pinoso's Erkek Bağcıklı Siyah Ayakkabı

Pinoso's Men's Lace-Up Black Shoes (12PIN1AYKE00011)

Brand : Kifidis
Price : $273.30(Vat included)

Candy Shoe



Candy Shoe models specially produced for those with diabetes are waiting for you on our site. The problem of diabetes causes insulin to be insufficiently secreted in the body, making limbs such as feet, hands and toes more susceptible and vulnerable to bacterial infection, heel ulcers, injuries. Diabetic shoes are shoe models that are produced to eliminate these health problems that can be fully realized. 





The front of the Candy Shoe models is closed. In this way, the toes are protected against impact and minor accidents. The front part, which is made of quality leather material, also breathes and prevents the foot from sweating. Candy Shoe models, the inside of which is made of soft leather material, also provide comfort with the heel part. 



Sugar Shoe models, which are produced with a wide mold against foot swelling, are not produced with laces to offer comfort to diabetics. Instead, the shoe's grip on the foot is provided by a kind of upper belt. The soles of the inside soles of The Candy Shoe models, which do not have high heels, are extremely soft. The outsole, on the other hand, provides an adequate grip in addition to being produced from light material. 



What are the Features of Candy Shoes? 



  • Candy Shoes are made in various sizes according to your foot size. 
  • Unlike an Ordinary Shoe Model, Candy Shoes Are Extremely Comfortable; It has a comfortable interior, a closed and breathing front section, a top belt and a supported heel section. 
  • High Heels Non-Candy Shoes Thus Offer Effective Use. 
  • Diabetic Shoes, The Inside and Exterior are Extremely Soft, Made of Leather and Polyurethane Material. The Base Part is Polyurethane and the Upper Part is Leather. 



  • Upper Part Breathing Standing Sweating and Related Bad Odor Eliminate Bacterial Infection. 
  • Thanks to the Supported Heel Parts, The Candy Shoe Eliminates the Problem of Heel Ulcers. 
  • Diabetic Shoes Produced Using Little Seams Are Also Referred to by Names Such as "Sugar Shoe" or "Diabetes Shoe". This Product, which is usually 2 Classes, Appeals to Male and Female Users. 
  • Sugar Shoes are produced with a wide mold and thus do not disturb the user's feet. 


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