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Face Protective Visor

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What is Visor?

Specially produced protective face shields protect the user's entire face from harmful particles in the air and chemical splashes (in laboratories or hospitals) and potentially contagious dangers and viruses in public environments.

Visor Usage Areas

Epidemiologists especially recommend the use of protective face shields during epidemic periods, as is the case today. It is designed to work in hospitals, laboratories and public areas and protects the user from foreign bodies and harmful viruses. In addition, face protection visor is offered for use in many areas.

Visor Features

Besides being used with masks, its biggest advantage compared to protective masks is that it covers all of your mouth, nose and eyes, providing you with an excellent face protection, as well as being advantageous in terms of reusability. It also prevents your face from being touched directly and protects you from risks. Face shields consist of transparent visors that cover the face, as well as fastening mechanisms such as straps or headbands to hold them.

Does the visor work?

With the corona virus epidemic, of course, we all think about how useful face shields, which are one of the most effective products for our protection from the epidemic. While people are thinking about when we will return to normal, they are necessarily concerned about how they will protect themselves indoors and in public areas, while they also think about which equipment is more sheltered. One of these equipment options is the face shield. Among the guide prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health in our state, it is among the protective equipment recommended to be used in cases requiring close contact with "definite or possible" covid-19 cases.

Health personnel also use it actively in their daily life and in the field. In the article they published on the website of JAMA, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Medical Association (Journal of American Medical Association), it was recommended that the face shield, which is one of the personal protection equipment normally used by health workers, should also be used among the public. Of course, how viruses are transmitted through the respiratory tract has been a matter of debate for a long time. All data so far show that SARS-CoV-2 is also transmitted in the form of other respiratory viruses. In short, it has been proven to be transmitted by the scattering of infectious droplets in the eyes, nose or mouth at close range, and by touching the eyes, mouth or nose after touching a surface. It is supported by research that the transmission of the new corona virus through aerosols suspended in the air is also possible.

Advantages of Using a Visor

According to the results, face protective visors give you a high degree of advantage. Also, you don't need to change it, you can use it indefinitely by disinfecting it. The visor, which is easy to use, also provides you with high protection by closing the viral entry channels. It provides direct contact with the face of the wearer and also protects it from external factors and foreign objects. Face shields significantly reduce the chance of inhalation of viruses spread through droplets and aerosols. A study was conducted on how the visor affects virus permeability. The visor reduced a healthcare worker's exposure to the virus by 90% within a 45 cm cough distance. If you want to look at our visor models and examine them, you can reach them on and easily obtain the product you want in a short time.

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FACE PROTECTIVE VISOR SUITABLE FOR PERSONAL USE  Product Specifications; It prevents particles, saliva, droplets, dust and similar smal..
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