Lumberjack King Erkek Spor Ayakkabı - Lacivert
Lumberjack King Erkek Spor Ayakkabı - Lacivert
Lumberjack King Erkek Spor Ayakkabı - Lacivert
Lumberjack King Erkek Spor Ayakkabı - Lacivert
Lumberjack King Erkek Spor Ayakkabı - Lacivert

Lumberjack King Men's Sneakers - Navy Blue (AS00075343)

Brand : Lumberjack
Discount Rate : %31 Discount
Price : $68.19(Vat included)
Discounted : $47.38(Vat included)

Lumberjack King Navy Men's Sneakers 



Never slow down with Lumberjack in the new season! Lumberjack King Navy Blue Men's Sneaker is a running shoe specially made for men. Notable for its fashion and elegance, sneakers are both lighter, more stylish and comfortable than models of similar brands sold at a much higher price.


Lumberjack King Navy Men's Sneaker has different versions according to different foot sizes. Lumberjack King sneakers are specially made for long walks, trekking and jogging practice to keep you fit. Lumberjack King Navy Blue Men's Sneaker, which will keep your feet comfortable in any situation thanks to its orthopedic base, is a sneaker made of artificial leather.



 Lumberjack King Navy Blue Men's Sneaker Structure


Lumberjack King consists of two main parts. The first is the special base, which is made of quality material. The base is orthopedic and over time takes the shape of your foot. In the gym, outdoors, in the city... Lumberjack King will never let you down. 

The second part is the top, which is made of high-quality artificial leather. The upper part allows your feet to breathe and does not sweat thanks to its porous structure, and it is extremely comfortable and the air permeability level is extremely high. You can choose the Lumberjack King black - gray men's running shoe model or the Lumberjack King navy blue - gray male model according to your different outfit options.



 Lumberjack King Navy Men's Sneakers Made for Sporty and Smart Men...



Lumberjack King is one of the cheapest sneaker models. The company keeps prices low due to its price policy, ensuring that you can buy Lumberjack King models with different color options according to the color of your sportswear.

In this way, you can choose different types of colorful, orthopedic, comfortable, lightweight and high quality Lumberjack King Navy Men's Sneakers and combine them with your sportswear. Lumberjack King also has versions for male users.



Lumberjack King Navy Men's Sneakers Features:


  • The shoe is made largely of artificial leather and high quality foam material.
  •  Light, Orthopedic and Comfortable. Thanks to its upper part with air holes, it allows your foot to breathe and prevents it from sweating.
  •  The product is Sneakers, Laces and Especially Suitable for Training - Runs.
  •  Lumberjack King Men's Sneaker Prevents Unwanted Odor. What Makes This Happen is that the Upper Part of the Shoe Can Breathe Thanks to the Air Ducts.
  •  The Lumberjack King Men's Sneaker Model, which is produced for the spring season, has different foot sizes. Lumberjack King is also a female version of The King.


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