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Why To Wear a Surgical Mask

Due to covid-19, which affects everyone in the world, various measures are being taken to protect us from the epidemic. In addition to the increase in disinfectant, cologne and cleaning products, the use of masks has also increased to a high rate of necessity. The use of masks is still mandatory in most countries. In some countries, including Turkey, criminal proceedings are applied even though masks are not worn.

What is a Surgical Mask?

Due to Covid-19, it has been introduced to the market with a lot of variety. It was also distributed free of charge by the state to citizens for a short time. When Covid-19 started to spread, people became difficult to reach masks, and sold at a very extreme price, but with the progress of the process, the price decreased, becoming a medical product that was accessible to all.

The masks produced must be produced in accordance with the criteria set by the World Health Organization, but the masks produced at hand may not meet these criteria. When buying a mask, do you have a UTS record? Is there a Department of Health approval? and you need to pay attention to whether it is produced according to the criteria given by the World Health Organization. Previously, surgical masks are masks used in patient care or surgeries. Since permeability levels are low, viruses do not interfere with breathing thanks to surgical mask.

Use of Surgical Mask

Surgical masks fit exactly on the face compared to other manufactured masks . The absence of hard-rope tires also minimizes irritation on your ear edges.  Thanks to its production in accordance with the criteria, it prevents the transmission of viruses in the air in the environment through breathing. It also provides long-term use if it damages your skin and does not irritate it. As with other masks, it has a filtration system. Thanks to this filter, even if people carrying the virus cough and sneeze, the droplets that come out of the mouth do not get into the air. As a result, the possibility of transmission of the disease to healthy people can be prevented to a minimum extent. Surgical masks are mostly used by medical personnel, but everyone has started to use them due to covid-19 virus.

Surgical Mask Features

In the production of surgical masks, the types of fabrics vary, spunbond and meltblown. The main mask consists of 3 floors, divided into 2 meltblown and spunbond fabrics. In Meltblown masks, the middle layers consist of meltblown. In spunbond mask, all layers consist of spunbond fabric. The filtration feature is more in meltblown fabric. You can choose between the two according to your needs.  Surgical masks are also liquid proof. Surgical masks not only prevent the virus, but also fully protect the person who uses it against smoke and dust. Due to the high production in Turkey, masks can now be easily obtained from all points.

How to Wear a Surgical Mask?

In society, surgical mask, also known as sterlik mask or medical mask, is one of the most used types of masks due to its ease of use and price. If you do not know how to wear a surgical mask correctly, you can install it correctly by following the steps indicated.

First, wash your hands with plenty of soap for at least 20 seconds.

Surgical Place the folded surface of the mask facing out, while the metal wire sits on your nose.Secure the metal wire that falls on your nose by applying force with your hand.Pass each one, two tires, through the back of your auricle so that it corresponds to your ear.
Please make sure that the sides of your surgical mask are fully seated around your nose, mouth and chin.

There are very important considerations to pay attention to after wearing your mask. You should take care not to touch your surgical mask during the period of use. You should also take care not to remove it from your face and loosen its edges during use.

After you have finished using it, make sure to remove it by holding it from the rubber part and throwing it in a trash can with a lid. After removing your surgical mask , you should definitely wash your hands with soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds. Please do not reuse the surgical mask you removed later.

Real Surgical Mask

There are many surgical masks on the market, but most do not meet the specified criteria and put human health at high risk. When producing surgical masks, they should be produced according to the criteria given by the world health organization.
The manufactured plant needs to be disinfected continuously and cheesy fabrics should not be used, unfortunately most masks produced under the table are produced in unhygienic environments and the criteria set by the world health organization are not met, which puts your health at risk.
You should also pay attention to whether the surgical mask you will purchase has a UTS record. In addition, it must be approved by the ministry of health. If the production company does not have the necessary documents, stay away.

These documents are usually required to be on the website of the place of sale or where they are selling. With the QR code on the box on the surgical masks you receive, you can easily tell if there is a UTS record, but make sure it matches the product you are buying. Although UTS registration of all products to be obtained through Sabomar.com is available, production is provided according to the criteria specified by the world health organization.
In addition, our manufactured masks are sent to private laboratories and tested separately, we care about your health and we do not risk them. If you want to buy real Surgical Masks.com you can visit Sabomar with peace of mind.

Detailed Information about Surgical Mask

All other masks, including surgical masks, must be replaced in case of moisture. This process
should be performed by holding the mask ropes when removing and wearing the mask. Long and intensively used damp masks can irritate the face area. If the same mask is used for very long periods of time, both the permeability rate of the mask will increase, as well as the face of the wearer will be irritated and the skin will be damaged. As it is understood, masks should be used once due to your hygiene and health.
Surgical masks are produced in two types, wire and radio. Regardless of the quality of its production, surgical masks should not be washed and reused. However, if you have a sterile device, you can reuse the masks you use by removing viruses and germs from it. Unfortunately, these devices have very high fees, so they are not accessible to people of all budgets. A lot of attention should be paid to the need to use masks one time and you should not carry out long-term use. When purchasing a surgical mask, make sure that there is a wire in the nose. Because when there's wire, it'll wrap your nose and cover your face completely. This is not available in non-wire masks and does not fit fully in your face.
If you are going to buy surgical masks, you need to research the company you are going to buy well.  Remember, masks that do not meet the criteria endanger your health and cause unnecessary money. Please pay attention to the documents of the companies you will buy.
Masks manufactured in accordance with the specified standards are also resistant to tearing and wear. Be careful, just because it's durable doesn't mean it won't tear. If your mask is torn or damaged in any way, it should not be continued to be used, the mask should be changed at the earliest opportunity. If you do not want to compromise on quality and want to protect your health at the highest level, you can contact us and get detailed information about mask types and prices.




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