Where to Obtain Meltblown Mask

What is Meltblown Mask? Meltblown Fabric Features

What is Meltblown Mask?



Especially with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical masks we use; How much it protects against viral infections has been called into question. In this regard, every individual has certain questions.

Especially recently more popular, the Meltblown mask is a type of mask made of meltblown fabric with a medium layer, with greater protection and quality. Meltblown fabric stands out because it is more protective than other fabrics.

Another feature of Meltblown masks is the filtered layer feature located in the middle layer. While each layer of normal 3-layer masks is equally featured, there is a filter, especially in the middle layer, which is the "transitional layer of viral infection".


Where to Obtain Meltblown Mask?


Among the dozens of poor quality products that have emerged with the pandemic process, it is very difficult to find Meltblown masks. You can provide the highest quality masks through our brand sabomar.com, which has been in the sector for many years. We make sure that our masks are the highest quality fabric and especially. Meltblown fabric masks can be found by clicking here. If you want to protect yourself and your family with peace of mind, you can experience sabomar quality by ordering through our website and communication channels. We would like to see you among our happy customers.


What is Meltblown Fabric?


Meltblown fabric is a type of synthetic fabric obtained by the use of many different technologyes. Due to its artificial production, filtering and similar extra protective properties have been added. It is mainly used in the medical field, especially in the production of masks and gloves.


What Does Meltblown Mean?


In the sense of the word, Melt means "melt , melt", blown means "blow". Meltblown is a synthetic manufacturing technique in which a polymer melt is extruded from small nozzles surrounded by high-speed blow gas.


What are meltblown fabric features?


Meltblown fabric provides much more protection than existing natural fabrics thanks to synthetic production techniques. In the same way, it has flexible feature due to its production technique. It is resistant to stretching movements, making the mask durable. It is a product that has proven itself by its production since 1945.


How to Understand Meltblown Fabric/Mask?


There are very simple methods to distinguish meltblown fabric masks from other masks. The first method is to access the fabric located in the middle layer by cutting with the help of scissors of your meltblown mask. In general, you can test this easily torn fabric, such as matte and paper, by tearing it.

If the fabric in the middle layer is torn easily and without breaking down like paper, the mask you are using contains meltblown fabric.


Meltblown Mask Companies


Recently, many poor quality and public health-threatening masks have been produced. You can obtain real and high quality meltblown masks with our Sabomar brand, which makes its difference in this regard quite clearly. Sabomar.com you can access and quickly obtain all kinds of medical and surgical masks from N95 to meltblown masks through our website. In this way, you can protect yourself and your loved ones.


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July 29, 2021
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