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N95 Mask

Masks are used to protect the mouth and nose by completely covering them. Standard masks used daily block airflow when exhaled. Thus, it reduces the risk of infection. It protects other people from bacteria that can be found in people who use masks. However, N95 masks provide more effective protection. Especially during the pandemic process, the N95 mask has been widely used. N95 masks have no 100% protection effect when direct contact is made in infected patients. They are masks that provide a certain level of protection against viruses. N95 masks protect against aerosols that pose a danger to those who use them.

Difference Between N95 Mask and Standard Mask

N95 Masks are a personal protective equipment that protects from aerosols, vapors, gases. The
important different from standard masks is that it offers more filtering. At the same time, another difference from standard masks is that N95 masks offer more protection. N95 breathing masks fit more tightly on the face than other masks and standard masks. The most important difference of N95 masks from standard masks is the level of protection offered by the mask. N95 masks are made of special fabrics. These fabrics have a high filtration feature. N95 mask has a high protection rate, while standard masks have a lower rate of particle blocking and protection.

Features of N95 Masks

N95 masks called FFP2; it is produced from special layers of fabric in order to filter the air from particles that are harmful to health. It is the most effective breathing mask.
The number 95, called the N95 mask, is used to indicate that the mask provides 95% filtration against respiratory droplet particles. Sars, which is carried by respiratory droplets, provides relative protection against many viruses such as Corona virus. It filters out the particles in the air better. That's why the N95 mask is better protected than standard masks.

However, N95 masks can be ventil-free or vented according to the filter system. In ventil-free masks, the filtration system is placed in the fabric. They're pretty light masks.
These masks can be worn comfortably as they do not cause any weight on the face. Vented masks are more bulky and heavy masks. However, ventilli masks offer a better breathing environment as air is allowed outside. However, vented masks cause little sweating. People who wear vented masks breathe better. These masks offer a more comfortable use advantage.

N: The respirator rating is the letter class. It means "non-fat." In other words, if there are no oil particles in the environment, the mask can be used.

95: This means that the protection of the mask is 95%.

0.3 microns: The mask can hold particles with a minimum size of 0.3 microns.

Material: The filtration material on the mask is made of electrostatic non-woven polypropylene (PP) fiber.

There are various features of N95 masks on the site, including ventile and ventil-free. It can be sold individually or in packs of 5, 10, 20 and wholesale masks are also available.

What are FFP Masks? What is FFP2 Mask?

What are FFP masks ? Filtering Face Piece" in English. It is a general name given to face masks with particulate filters. These masks consist of 3 standard classes approved by the European Union. FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks. The FFP2 mask is called the N95 mask. All of these masks contain a special filter seal. There are a variety of filters with or without ventils. Disposable masks. However, experts report that Ventilli masks should be used against viruses. Vented masks provide more effective protection. In addition, it is mandatory to wear N95 masks on public transport, public environments and grocery stores in Germany.

Ventilated Breathing Masks

Vented masks have a valve on which it closes while breathing and reopens while exhaling. They are mainly used in dusty environments. It quickly removes the air from the mask, especially in humid and hot environments, and even when worn for long hours, the breathing work of the wearer becomes easier. But since the mask does not filter the air when exhaling, it can not prevent this infection from infecting others in the presence of any infection. In case of the presence of disease, a surgical mask should be worn on this mask.

Ventil-Free Breathing Masks

It is a type of mask that largely holds (up to 95%) invisible particles, bacteria and viruses around us. They are also known as N95 masks. These masks are mainly used by health workers in special cases. Health workers often use it for CPR and intensive care patient treatments in the treatment of infectious diseases such as Covid-19.


During the time you use it, the outer surface of the mask should not be contacted or touched.

If touched, you should wash your hands with water and regular soap for at least 20 seconds, or cologne should be rubbed with an alcohol-containing hand antiseptic.

If your N95/FFP2 mask gets dirty, moored or torn during your use, you should definitely replace it with a new one.

N95/FFP2 Masks should never be used in common, they should be disposed of after use.

N95/FFP2 When wearing and removing your mask, you need to disinfect your hands.

How to Wear an N95/FFP2 Mask?

You need to disinfect your hands before wearing the mask.

If possible, your face should be shaved and your hair should be in bulk.

The mask should be worn before the aerosol-forming processes.

The inside of the mask, which you grasp with one hand, should be placed on your face and with the help of the other hand, the lower and upper bands of the mask should be passed to the back of the head one by one.

You need to make sure that the upper headband is also placed on the top of your head and that the bands are not curled.

You need to correct the top and bottom of your mask to make sure it fits properly on your face.

You need to fit the nose latch of the mask exactly on your nose with both hands

When entering any area, you need to check if air is escaping from your mask.

For air leak control; You can try covering your N95/FFP2 mask with both hands and then taking a deep breath, if you make sure there is no air from the edges, this time by closing it again with both hands, give a deep breath and everything is fine if there is no leakage from the edges.After using your mask, you need to dispose of it in a medical waste bag.

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